Septic Tank Cleaning and Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

14 Scientists Have Invented a flushing tablet that breaks down and eliminates all organic sludge from septic tanks, including natural oils, grease and organic hydrocarbons, and prevents back-ups, clogs, including corrosion.

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septifix review

septic tank cleaningYou cannot ignore the importance of septic tanks in every structure. When you do housework, turn on the faucet, or flush toilets, your septic system is activated. For your personal health’s sake, the waste and water it carries must leave your household and business structure and enter the dependable sewer systems. That’s why it is so important to know the importance of septic tank cleaning, to have a more hygienic, clean, and less cluttered environment when the septic system functions properly.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing the Best Septic Tank Cleaning Solution

1. Tank Suitability

Be sure that you are familiar with the dimensions of the septic tank before going out to buy a septic tank cleaner for it. If you buy a treatment designed for a tank that is 2000 gallons, but your tank is only 700 gallons, the treatment will be too powerful and will disrupt the enzyme balance unnaturally.

2. Treatment Forms

Treatments for septic tanks can be purchased in several forms, such as tablets, pods, liquids, and powders, all of which are invented to help the product be both user-friendly and efficient.

• Tablets such as Septifix are among the most common forms and most straightforward techniques. The whole tablet should decompose within the tank, which requires a more extended amount of time than a pod. This strategy is another straightforward and easy-to-implement treatment for septic tanks since the tablets come in specified amounts.

• Pods are applied in the exact same manner that tablets do, except that they have a special covering. The water-soluble casings make them easy to handle, like cleaning solution pods. Quickly place the pods in the bowl, and then flush the toilets. The treatment is then freed from its case, which melts, and goes into the tank with no messiness and no measurement needed.

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septifix review


• Powders are not as effortless to use as tablets because you will need to properly weigh the appropriate dosage before you pour it down the toilet. You need to give the powder some time to settle into the liquid before you flush the toilet; if you don’t, part of the powder will be released into the air once you flush the toilet. Powders may begin their function the moment they are added to the tank. You can utilize powders for any septic tank as long as you determine the necessary amount.

• Liquids are comparable to powdered form. They have to be calculated before usage and can get to work immediately after that. Because liquid remedies for clogs make up the vast majority of the products on the market, this particular form is applied significantly less frequently than others.

3. Durability

How long treatment for a septic tank can continue to be successful depends on how long its lifespan extends. Most cleaners are administered monthly, and they’re often taken in doses administered every 3 to 12 months. Other treatments designed for one use are designed to treat clogging.

Find a product that has a duration that coincides with big events or special holidays. This could be helpful if you are concerned that you might forget the schedule. For instance, everyone knows you should change the batteries in your smoke detectors during a daylight savings time change. If you have a treatment that has a storage life of three months, you can consider quarterly dates as reminders for septic tank cleaning.

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4. Environmentally Friendly Choices

Human waste is naturally treated by septic tanks in association with the ecosystem that surrounds them, and then the treated waste is returned to the earth and the groundwater. If you are searching for a septic tank cleaner, you should give this environmentally friendly model primary consideration. Doing so will help ensure that the groundwater, waste field soil, and active bacterial ecosystem are all in good health and functioning properly.

Because the natural process within your sewer line functions better when environmental products are used, you don’t have to make a trade-off between efficiency and environmental consciousness to be effective. Look for treatments that are 100% organic and do not include formaldehyde or phosphate in their ingredients. These two chemicals are highly damaging to the ecosystem and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Odor

Your septic system’s clogs need to be removed and eliminated as soon as possible to avoid damage, the continuing accumulation of household waste in the sewers, and harsh, strong odors that can infect the walls and floor of your residence. It is possible that the foul smell coming from your pipelines will become even more vital when the clog is removed, and it will most likely continue to be there until the pipes have been cleared. Consider using a treatment to dissolve the blockage with odor-reduction or odor-control capabilities to lessen the offensive smell that is filling the air.

6. Active Components

Before purchasing treatment, you should always check the list of active chemicals to be sure they won’t harm your infrastructure. Think about what the enzymes that are present are for, how many bacteria are present, and whether or not there are any dangerous compounds or inorganic debris present. The addition of any chemical to your septic tank will only be done so if you have accurate knowledge about the product. This will guarantee that your sewer system receives the most effective treatment possible without suffering any adverse effects.

Septifix Review: Does It Really Work?

septifix reviewMost septic tank owners pump their system once or twice a year paying at least $400 for this service…

The good news is that a group of 14 scientists have developed a small tablet that dissolves all solid waste from the septic tank.

All septic tank owners who use it never have to call the expensive pumpers again, saving hundreds of dollars each year!

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If you are looking for the best treatment product for septic tanks, Septifix is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Is there a foul-smelling odor coming from your tank? Your problem can easily be fixed with just one tiny tablet. The following are some of the powerful features of Septifix:

• Decrease, then get rid of offensive odors (the scent) in an exceptionally short amount of time – in just 3 days.
• Dismantle and get rid of any organic waste that may have accumulated in the septic tanks; this includes natural oils, organic hydrocarbons, and grease.
• Eliminate all of the toxic anaerobic bacteria, such as salmonella and e-coli, or any other potentially hazardous pathogens that are typically located in septic tanks. These could give your household a range of dangerous health issues.
• It is important to protect the septic tank from deterioration as well as back-ups, obstructions, and any other related complications that may occur.

Recognizing the Signs of a Faulty Septic Tank

It is good to be aware of the warning signs of a damaged septic tank. It’s a widespread misunderstanding that the presence of a horrible smell is the sole indicator that there is a problem with a septic system. In addition to that, you should be on guard for the following conditions:

• Standing water or wet soil around or in your storage room, including your septic tanks
• Even when the temperature is high, and the air is dry, the grasses on the drain field are a vibrant bright green.
• The residential drains are being blocked by sewage that is backing up.
• The strong odor that is frequently offensive is seen in the area surrounding the septic tank and drain field.

Estimated Costs for DIY Septic System

There is no distinction made between the cost of materials and the cost of labour in the introductory pricing charged by the majority of septic tank repair services, which means that these businesses charge inclusive fees.

This does not mean you will save money between the cost of the equipment and the base rates that you will require to fix your septic system. It is possible that professionals that specialize in septic treatment have access to equipment that will be sold at an expensive price to you.

Nevertheless, the inherent hazard connected to homeowners is a much more important factor in deciding whether or not to repair their own septic systems. When parts of a septic system are built or fixed incorrectly, it can lead to dirty water, destruction of property, the need for pricey repairs and maintenance, and even a threat to the health of the people and pets living in the home. For all of these factors, it is best to contact a professional specializing in septic tank repair to handle your septic system.

4 Septic Tank Repair Cost-Saving Tips

Expensive septic tank repairs can definitely strain your wallet. Consider these techniques to lower long-term costs:

1. Purchase a professional septic tank cleaner such as Septifix. Proper maintenance allows your septic practitioner to see possible difficulties before they become massive issues and eliminates sewage and scum accumulation, a critical risk of septic malfunction.

2. Consult your septic technician about solutions that assist bacteria in preventing blockages and breaking down solid waste. Septiflix stimulates bacteria, so your system works better.

3. Keep gutters, roof drains, etc., far from the drain field to prevent flooding and sewage blockages.

4. Guidelines suggest pumping every three to five years.


Why choose Septifix? Because this product neutralizes the acids that are present in wastewater spontaneously.

SEPTIFIX tablets are also helpful in preventing the corrosion of tubes, pipes, valves, and pumps. In addition, it does not contain any dangerous chemicals or needs any special handling.

It is non-toxic.

It is safe and because it is created in a top-quality facility in the United States, you can be confident that you will receive a solution of quality research!

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septifix review


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