How To Build A Shed For Storage, Comfort and Increased Property Value

12x16 storage shed plansIf you are in need of a man cave, she cave, garden storage, playhouse, a home-based office, or extra shelter/space to store your stuff, a shed is the perfect option for you. 

However, do you want to purchase one or do you want to save a lot of money and build it yourself?

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The majority of us would love to have more space at home. As stated earlier, the common purposes of a shed will be for doing hobbies, storing stuff or working.

However, the addition of square footage can often relate to exorbitant costs and can be a time-consuming task.

This is the reason why a lot of preppers and homeowners nowadays are turning to DIY backyard shed kits and blueprints.

In the majority of cities around the world, these structures typically do not require permits.

They are basically easy and quick to install when you use step-by-step storage shed plans. 

Advances in technology have resulted in amazing prefabrication methods. For example, there are several companies that now ship these semi-custom designs directly to your front door.

Because of this, your “tiny house” can be assembled within a day.

Below is some information to help you get started:

Your Project: To Build A Storage Shed

The main goal behind an outdoor shed will be to gain additional storage, living or space.

Step One

Your very first step will involve determining what your cabin or shed will be needed for and the size of the space you require.

If you are looking for storage for your lawn equipment you may want to consider a garden shed design.

Or if your storage area will be used as a she-den, man cave, an office, guest house or children’s playhouse, your shed blueprints will involve more windows for natural light.

However, if it will be used for storage purposes, you may not require or even want windows.

Step Two

Measurements are vitally important when it comes to outdoor shed designs.

An online marketing manager from a company known as Backyard Buildings suggests that any person interested in investing in an outdoor shed should measure every item that they plan on storing in this space.

In addition, space should be put aside for storage growth as time goes by.

Many homeowners often take the cheap route and end up regretting their choice as they find that they quickly run out of space and will soon need a larger unit.

Step Three

Finding out about the local zoning ordinances will be your next step before deciding on storage shed plans. Every municipality comes with different restrictions in association with accessory buildings and sheds. A lot of the codes dictate the structure size as well as the distance the structure will need to be from the property line.

The majority of the counties in the U.S permit a maximum of 120 square feet before they will enforce the need for a permit.

For this reason many of the companies that are involved in the process of building a shed offer 10-foot by 12-foot units.

Generally, these types of structures must be positioned around 3 to 5 feet away from your property line.

Even when the city you reside in does not require you to have a permit, it still has rules in place such as where you will be able to position the wood structure on your property.

This is why it is always advisable to find out about all the rules and regulations in your area.

Step Four

When you happen to reside in a city that has requirements in place for permits for the structure you have chosen, you will need to find what is known as your “plat of survey”. This is a type of map that will indicate the layout of your property and where your property line is situated. This map will need to be submitted to the local-zoning department in your city to assist in determining where the structure will be allowed to be positioned.

This map can typically be found in the closing documents that were given to you when you purchased your home. If you cannot find this plat, you will need to use the services of a surveyor that will cost you in the region of $300 to $600 depending on where you reside.

Your Shed Options

When it comes to deciding on the shed that will suit your budget and your needs there are various options available to you.

You can buy shed kits known as off-the-shelf from big-box stores such as Lowe’s or The Home Depot.

Or you may decide on semi-custom, prefabricated units that you can easily purchase from an online store such as the Studio Shed, Modern-Shed, Sett Studio and a number of others.

You may decide you want to go the “do it yourself” route, where you can invest in shed design software such as My Shed Plans.

The last route would be to go the 100% custom route and then hire an architect designer to create a structure that will blend seamlessly into your landscape as well as you’re the structure of your existing home. This option will also include an experienced builder to ensure a successful outcome.

The pricing structures on the above-mentioned structures will vary greatly, but you will obviously obtain what you are paying for so it is always advisable to consider each of these options.

Off The Shelf Sheds

If you are in search of a cost-effective method to store items such as your pool or your lawn equipment. Then an off-the-shelf shed may be a good option for your needs.

Prefab Sheds

If you are in search of a structure that can offer you versatility and can be used for different reasons over time, like turning a storage area into a home-based office, then the online prefab units are a good option for you to consider. These semi-customizable options allow for options such as windows and different colors. These online retailers can often offer you floor plans to ensure that you can make the most out of the space.

Custom Sheds

If you are in search of a method to integrate this structure into your landscape and your existing home for the purpose of a rental, then a custom shed that has been designed by an expert architect will be the best way to go.

The Costs

You will be able to locate a basic type of off-the-shelf shed that is manufactured out of resin or plastic at most of the local types of big-box shops in the range of $600 for a structure that measures around 7 feet by 7 feet. If you are looking for a bigger structure, units that are 8 feet by 15 feet retail for about $1,700.

Online prefab companies such as Studio Shed sell their contemporary units that are manufactured out of corrugated metal and cement-board siding at a starting price of around $7,000. Some custom sheds include plumbing and septic tank installation. This price is for a unit that is unfinished and measures around 8 feet by 10 feet. This particular company provides what is known as “lifestyle” interior packages that feature a number of flooring options, drywall cladding, electrical fixtures and wiring along with denim insulation. The larger units on offer from these online retailers cost from $20,000 upwards.

Custom Sheds

Custom sheds such as pool shed designs or an area designated as a professional office space can be designed by an architect and usually starts around $50 for every square foot. Depending on the designer, this fee can increase to around $200 for every square foot. You can easily use a google search as a tool to search for designers and architects in your area.

The Installation Times Involved

The big-box stores in general use contractors or employees that assist in installing these off-the-shelf options in shed structures in a few hours.

Online types of prefabricated units will be shipped on trucks and can be assembled within in a day using a professional crew. One of the companies such as Studio Shed provides digital DIY tools which consist of 3D videos that allow you to take on this project with a few family members or friends.

The custom units for outdoor sheds will take time to design and then a few weeks or even months in order to build. This will all be dependent on the complexity as well as the size of the structure that you intend to build.

Over-and-above the off-the-shelf options which are relatively simple to install, it is always wise to factor in the design, shipping and assembling time involved. These outdoor structures are a fantastic method to increase the value of your home and can be used for a number of purposes. It is highly advisable that you research all your options before diving into one of these projects. Remember to also find out about all the rules and regulations in place in your city before going ahead with any plans.

10 by 10 shed plans

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