Predator Generator 9500 at Harbor Freight: “Unleash the Power”

For many years, Harbor Freight has been a dependable name in power generating. The Predator Generator 9500 has distinguished itself as a powerhouse that offers performance and ease among its remarkable variety of generators.

Important characteristics of the Predator Generator 9500

With its wide range of capabilities, the Predator Generator 9500 is a great pick for both professionals and homeowners. Now let’s explore what makes this generator so unique:

1. Astonishing Power Output

The Predator Generator 9500’s powerful power generation capabilities is at its core. This generator has a steady output of 7200 watts and a peak output of 9500 watts, making it capable of running a variety of tools and appliances. The Predator Generator 9500 can power your home during a power outage or operate large machinery on a construction site.

2. Extremely Quiet Operation

The noise that generators make is a common source of worry. Fortunately, the Predator Generator 9500 is built with Co-Secure technology, which greatly lowers noise levels. This makes it ideal for settings like camping vacations or residential areas where noise pollution must be kept to a minimum.

3. Use of inverter technology

Utilizing inverter technology, the Predator Generator 9500 produces clean, reliable electricity. For delicate electronics like laptops, smartphones, and televisions, this is essential. Power surges won’t harm your expensive equipment, so you won’t have to be concerned.

4. Remote Electric Start

The electric start feature makes starting the generator super easy. Additionally, the generator has a handy remote control that you can use to start and stop it from a distance. This is very useful if you need to start or stop the generator without leaving your campsite or place of employment.

5. Long Run Time

The Predator Generator 9500 has a huge 6.6 gallon fuel tank that allows it to run continuously for long periods of time without requiring frequent refills. This guarantees continuous power during lengthy blackouts or long work shifts.

6. Numerous Outlets

The generator has several outlets, including a 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, a duplex 120V AC outlet, and a 12V DC outlet. It is adaptable for connecting different tools and devices thanks to these possibilities.

7. Portability

The Predator Generator 9500 is built as a portable unit despite its high power. It has reliable wheels and a foldable handle for simple hauling. It is easy to move it around the outside of your house or transport it far away.

Remember to use this on the outside of your home due to its poisonous gases.

Why Shop at Harbor Freight for the Predator Generator 9500?

1. Value for the money

The Predator Generator 9500 is priced competitively by Harbor Freight, who is renowned for their low prices. If you buy this generator, you receive a lot of value for your money.

2. Warranties and customer service

Harbor Freight offers strong warranties and top-notch customer service to back up its products. This assurance that your investment is safe gives you the confidence that you can get help if you run into problems.

3. Wide-ranging Retail Network

Finding a Harbor Freight store nearby for a purchase, service, or replacement item is simple because to the many locations the company has across the United States.

4. Internet Resources

The website of Harbor Freight has a multitude of resources, including FAQs, maintenance instructions, and user manuals. This makes maintaining and troubleshooting your generator simple.

The Predator 9500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator with CO SECURE Technology is a powerful and reliable generator available at Harbor Freight. This generator is ideal for emergency home backup and powering mobile businesses like food trucks. It has an electric start and CO SECURE carbon monoxide shutdown for safety.

One of the main advantages of purchasing a generator at Harbor Freight is the unbeatable value they offer. The Predator 9500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator is no exception, with a price of $2,499.99, which is significantly lower than comparable models from other brands. For example, the Honda EU7000iS, which has similar features, costs $5,549 By choosing the Predator generator 9500, you can save over $3,000.

In addition to its competitive price, the Predator 9500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator has many features that make it stand out from other generators on the market. As its name suggests, it is super quiet, which means you can use it without disturbing your neighbors or customers. It also has a long runtime of over 18 hours at six times more power than other inverters⁸. This means you can rely on it to provide power for an extended period without having to refuel it frequently.

Another advantage of the Predator generator 9500 is its CO SECURE technology. This feature automatically shuts down the generator if it detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which can be a lifesaver in an emergency situation. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can be deadly if inhaled in large quantities. By choosing a generator with CO SECURE technology, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected.


If you are in the market for a powerful and reliable generator, the Predator 9500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator with CO SECURE Technology is an excellent choice. It offers unbeatable value, advanced safety features, and a long runtime.

The Predator Generator 9500 from Harbor Freight is a standout in the field of power generators. It’s a dependable option for a variety of applications thanks to its excellent power output, silent operation, inverter technology, and a number of other advantages. It will meet your needs whether you need backup power for your house or a consistent supply of electricity on a job site.

Therefore, it is a strong choice if you’re looking for a generator at Harbor Freight. It is a good investment for all of your power needs due to its exceptional performance, price, and assistance from Harbor Freight’s customer service.

However, our #1 choice is the 4Patriots Solar Powered Generator because it is safe, more powerful, no fumes therefore, it can be used in the house, apartment, rv, cabin, camping tent, etc.

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