DIY Small Cabin Kits – Tools For A Perfect Build

small cabin kits


If you want to build your own cabin or shed, your most important assets are your tools.

When I was a child, my father told me, “You can build anything you want if you have the proper tools.”

He was absolutely correct.

So let’s get started…

The following is list you can use to finish your cabin kit or shed kit:

Circular saw


Extension cord


12 ft. tape measure

Marking pencil

Framing hammer

Carpenter’s level

Framing square

Chalk line and Plumb Bob

Safety goggles

Dusk mask

Work boots

Work gloves

You can either buy / rent these from your local store such as Home Depot.


If you need alternative power to your cabin, a 10,400 watts solar system kit will keep you off the grid and living a comfortable, “electric and mortgage free” independent life.

Once you have established where your cabin or shed will be on your land, you need to set permanent markers which can be periodically checked to determine the exact dimensions of the structure.

This can be easily accomplished by placing off-set corner stakes and then wrap a yellow mason’s line around the posts.

The following video is loaded with a ton of tips to help you get started. Bear in mind, your cabin kit could be much easier and faster than the one described in the video. Check your blueprints that arrived with your cabin.

Oh yes…

If you are searching for a cabin kit with loft, we found one for only 16K. It can be shipped to any of the states. Check it out HERE.

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