Own Your Log Cabin Home For Under $25,ooo

The Vermont pre-cut log cabin kit, which was created with coziness and comfort in mind, has a loft with plenty of charm and space, as well as a straightforward one-room floor plan.

This adorable one-room cabin kit has a loft, high ceilings, and an open floor plan. There are so many options with this cabin. You can transform it into a camp, playhouse, guest house, cabana, workshop, art studio, lodge, or even a four-season residence.

This adorable one-room cabin has a loft and ladder, high ceilings, and an open floor design. A modest sleeping area or storage space can be found in the loft, which is located on one of the gable ends. A restorative spot for rest and leisure in the great outdoors is a 4′ by 20′ porch that is situated along the bearing wall. Interior design options are greatly expanded by the open-concept interior.

Select Your Size and Type

Selecting your size and preferred format should come first. The sizes 16’x20′, 16’x24′, and 16’x30′ are available for purchase. As pre-cut kits, we provide finished shells, Three Season, and Four Season buildings. We deliver kits to any location in the contiguous United States as well as some regions of Eastern Canada.

• Complete Shell – This package includes everything required to erect a shell for a non-insulated Vermont cottage. This package includes a floor system, siding, a metal roof, wall and roof framing, a door, and windows. This alternative works well as a tiny cattle shelter or for simple storage.

• Three Season – If you want to make your building more secure or get it ready for insulation in the future. Along with everything that comes with the shell, this package also includes an insulated floor, a vapor barrier for the walls and roof, and solid pine roof sheathing.

• Four Season – Our completely insulated option provides comfort all year long. Fiberglass insulation and a vapor barrier are used to insulate the floor and ceiling. Rigid foam board insulation is applied to the walls. Shiplap pine wall and ceiling sheathing complete the interior. Additionally, an insulated door and double-pane windows are present.


Every building type includes standard features that meet our requirements. However, we have made it simple for you to customize your building if you so choose. You can select the alternatives you desire as you proceed through each step.

• Strengthen – Some options are designed to increase how durable your already durable building is. You could, for instance, raise the floor and roof’s weight rating. Treated floor systems are also perfect for places where the ground is prone to getting wet. A lot of insects are naturally repelled by Western Red Cedar siding.

• Customize – We provide a wide range of siding and roofing options so that you can design your building to match other structures on your property or to fit in with the surrounding natural scenery. We believe that the Vermont Cottage would look chic with White Cedar Shingle Siding siding and a Copper Penny corrugated metal roof.

• Add-Ons – This pre-cut log cabin kit would look amazing with any of our weathervanes. Install brackets made of beautiful wrought iron to hold the hanging flowerpots. Use the peg racks inside to hang coats and luggage. Why not include roof flashing for a woodstove as well if you intend to use your Vermont Cottage all year round? This cottage could be converted into a little house in the manner of a sugar shack by adding one of our ornamental 4’x8′ cupolas.

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