Solar Survival Equipment Every Home Needs

Events throughout the world such as hurricanes, power outages, winter and summer storms, cyber attacks, etc. have shown that systems can fail to function as intended and, unfortunately, these disasters will continue to occur. Millions of people have been left stranded in these situations without access to working power systems.

One calamity that fits this description was the power outage in Texas. During a record-breaking winter storm, more than 4 million homes and businesses were without electricity for days and weeks. Infrastructure breakdowns resulted in fatalities.

To ensure your survival and convenience in the event of a power loss, it is imperative to be equipped with solar-powered devices.

The following list of eight solar products can help you, your family and business prep for any disaster.

Solar Phone Chargers Are Great to Maintain Communications

The telecommunications system is one of the things that can be affected when the electrical grid fails. If your phone cannot be recharged, you might worry that you won’t be able to contact your loved ones.

You must therefore have a trustworthy choice. Making sure you have solar phone chargers for your home and car is one way to stay in touch.

A charger that can quickly charge your cell phone is the BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank. It may be used indoors or outdoors, so if you need to leave quickly, you’ll have a way to communicate while you’re moving.

Because it is shockproof and water-proof, it can withstand challenging environmental conditions as well as unintended decreases. This product is compatible with a variety of phone models, both old and new.

The charger uses bidirectional billing, which means that it quickly presses the charge using power from the phone’s battery. There are 4 outcomes, one of which is a C output port.

The device functions as a handheld flashlight that emits both bright and soft light. There is also an SOS locating light for emergencies. This is great for survivalist budget-conscious people who want a solar battery charger but can’t afford one.

The 4Patiots Mini Generator is a fantastic choice for a communication survival equipment as well. The battery charger is highly portable and lightweight at just over 1 pound more. In order to charge phones and other devices with a 5v input, it has four photovoltaic panels.

These portable, mini solar generators will give you all the peace of mind of a regular generator without the fear of running out of gas… and with MORE of the convenience you love.

It can recharge for FREE with the power of the sun. And you can use it right inside your home, because it’s fume-free and SAFE.

Small and mighty, the Patriot Power Sidekick has an impressive 300-watt capacity. This “portable power plant” can power your phones, laptops, medical devices, radios and more! Plus, this NEW & improved model has an additional outlet to juice up your devices quicker than ever before.

So you can have the ultimate peace of mind that you and your family will stay connected to help if disaster strikes.

In addition, you definitely should think about buying the X-DRAGON Solar Battery Charger if you have a lot of communication devices to charge or a lot of friends and family that need their gadgets charged.

When it comes to speed of operation, this 70W foldable panel may utilize 50% more than other battery chargers. Additionally, it is water-resistant and provides a ton of energy, thanks mostly to the strength of the sun.

Additionally, it offers certain added security advantages for users, such as surge protection for devices while charging. Because of the IC chip, it can instantaneously modify the voltage, which means your tools will be billed more quickly.

Due to its twin port design, it may be used to recharge small vehicle batteries as well as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Ten laptop adapters, USB cables, and other accessories are included in the battery charger.

Off-Grid Meal Preparation Using Solar Cookers

Every single thing you rely on fails when the grid goes down. This means that if a blackout renders your water treatment plant useless, you can lose the ability to cook as well as the ability to have clean drinking water.

To be able to prepare, you need a backup plan. Additionally, you’ll need to have a way to clean or heat the water. You can use a solar cooker to accomplish that. The SOL COOK All Season Solar Cooker is a portable appliance that is approved for its ability to cook food while being reasonably priced.

Although it is portable, it is larger when in use than many other solar stoves. Because of its size, you can cook a turkey on it exactly like you would on a regular burner. This stove’s ability to accommodate larger food items is due to the fact that it is a panel stove.

It has better wind resistance, which likewise means that it gives you more space without capping the height of the pots and pans. Even baking can be done with this oven.

Thanks to the cooking area’s dimensions of 12 x 17, you will have enough space. This implies that you can use rectangular pans as well as wide and large pots. Instead of running the stove at noon, you can set the panels to take advantage of even more hours of sunlight throughout the day.

Preppers also frequently choose the All American Sun Oven when looking for solar cookers. This oven is constructed of lightweight metal that can store solar energy and be used to cook food at temperatures up to 400 degrees.

That means you can both create things like nice deals and cook meals that you would normally cook on the stove. You can also steam foods or water or prepare steamed foods if you’d like thanks to the oven’s configuration.

The design weighs slightly more than 20 pounds and is simple to assemble and use. It has a leveling rack, and this design includes a built-in thermostat, a cookbook, and a sun track indicator in addition to the leveling rack.

This stove has two uses: it can be used to cook food, as well as to prepare or simmer food in the same way as you would on a typical cooktop’s top burners.

You can also use it to dry fruit if that’s what you’d like to do. If you’re not using it outside in your yard, you can take it with you wherever you need to go because it is only a little over a pound in weight.

Because of the close cell insulation, the oven is large enough for you to quickly prepare food for large groups of up to 8 people. This gadget includes a solar thermostat, two baking trays for cooking meals on the sun, and two frying racks. It also contains retractable silicone pots.

Options for Solar Lights in the Evening

You are limited when there is no light. Without light, there may be more risks such as injury due to falling over objects that you can’t see.

Additionally, there are those who utilize the evening as a cover to steal or engage in criminal activity during a survival crisis. Use the FLYHOOM Solar Light Bulbs to illuminate the shadowy areas. This light bulb has 4 different settings.

It contains a sensor, allowing you to turn the light on instantaneously as it gets dark outside while keeping it off during the day.

If you’d like, you can use the remote setup to determine the on and off times. The number of hours the light bulb will emit once it is charged will vary based on the setting you choose.

The time it takes to provide you with the light you need increases with how faint the light is. On the simplest configuration, you can obtain almost an entire day’s worth of light. It contains a tiny USB connector and an indicator that lets you know when the payment is prepared.

The solar bulb is simple to hang anywhere thanks to the hook on the top.

A flashlight is a must, and the HaloXT Solar Flashlight not only provides light but also serves as a multi-tool for various survival tasks.

If MacGyver had a Tactical Flashlight, it would be This One. The HaloXT Multi-Use Solar Powered Flashlight has 9 functions with a single mission: keeping you safe. It’s rechargeable — you can drain it down and charge it up thousands of times. But you don’t need electricity or batteries to power it up because it’s solar.

In an emergency situation, the more options you have, the better choices you can make.

That’s why a single survival tool that gives you nine functions is essential. Nine times the choices, nine times the chance of survival.

And that’s what you get with the HaloXT…

Ultra-Bright LED Light

The powerful 3-Watt CREE LED chip blasts light up to 200 meters away. Hit anything that rustles in the dark with 200 lumens of illuminating light.

Solar Panel

There’s a durable 50 mAh solar panel built right into the handle. If you’re without electricity, you can recharge wherever you have sunlight.

Power Bank

Or “juice up” your other devices with the USB charging port. Top off your phone or tablet without overcharging or discharging with intelligent charging. Works with any USB-compatible device. Simply use the cord that came with that device.*

* Your HaloXT Tactical Flashlight will charge faster using the AC charging cord that comes with each flashlight. The HaloXT Tactical Flashlight can go from zero to “fully charged” in about 4 hours or less using the AC cord. Charge time will vary depending on lighting conditions. However, in an emergency, if you are lost or stranded it could mean your first source of light to safety.

S.O.S Light & Strobe

And if you ever find yourself stuck, the red LED strobe lights help you get seen and rescued. It’s the perfect companion for a camping trip, or to keep in your car.

Work Light

Stick it to any piece of metal for jobs that need both hands… like changing a flat tire. Two different brightness settings so you’ll have the right light for the job.

Seatbelt / Rope Cutter

The built-in seatbelt & rope cutter can get you out of a sticky situation. The high-quality steel blade cuts seat belts like butter.

Glass-Breaking Hammer

For getting out of windows when every second counts. A hardened steel tip blasts through tough glass.


With the rugged compass on the end, you’ll always have a way to find true north. No matter where you end up.


Every HaloXT has an integrated magnet. So you can put it under your car’s hood while working with the work light. Or stick it to your fridge for an easy-to-grab location during a blackout.


Solar Powered Generators for Your Electric Demands

FOX & Friends featured a breakthrough solar generator right before a “polar vortex” sent thousands of Americans into total darkness.

Skip Bedell recommended it as the perfect gift for cabins, rvs, camping, power outages, winter storms, tornados, hurricanes or rolling blackouts.

And then BOOM!

Demand surged and 4Patriots sold out.

Days later, a massive ice storm hit the nation. The folks who were fortunate enough to claim their silent, fume-free solar generator were thanking their lucky stars.

Because despite power outages, rolling blackouts and bone-chilling temperatures…

Those who acted fast and got their 4Patriots solar generator had peace of mind and could power critical devices like lights, space heaters, communications, critical medical devices and even fridges and freezers.

Sadly, those who didn’t prepare were left to hope and pray the lights came back on soon.

But that’s not why this generator is going viral…

National Security Experts Fear Imminent Threat To Our Power Grid

Freak ice storms, hurricanes and raging wildfires aren’t the only threat to our nation’s crumbling power grid…

Shockingly, in 2022 alone there were over 70 physical attacks on our nation’s power grid!

And even worse, attacks on just 9 of the nation’s 55,000 electrical substations could trigger…

A nationwide blackout that could last up to 18 months!

Former CIA Director, James Woolsey, warned that an attack on America’s infrastructure would, “Blackout the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for over a year. Killing 9 out of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse.”

Despite this clear and present danger…

Our Government Is Woefully Unprepared

They ignore dire warnings from national security experts about our vulnerable power grid. Warnings of physical, electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) and cyber attacks…

And who suffers because of their neglect? YOU and your family.

Imagine a blackout lasting not days, but weeks or months.

Your life would be frozen in time right at the moment your power fails. An entire country plunged into darkness.

Without a generator, your fridge, electric range and microwave would be dead. All the food in your fridge and freezer – spoiled.

Your well couldn’t pump fresh water into your house. And even if you don’t have a well, a total grid failure means no fresh water to drink, cook or clean with.

This is not some crazy doomsday theory. It’s a real threat.

That’s why many Americans are taking matters into their own hands and are securing their own solar powered generator.

Solar generators are a smart choice because they produce an endless supply of life-saving electricity when you need it most – and without gas, fumes or noise.

Our top recommendation in portable solar generators is the Patriot Power Generator.

THIS breakthrough solar generator is safe enough to use inside. And never needs gas, ever.

And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your family have a safe, reliable and easy-to-use source of backup power. To survive a blackout, storm, grid-down event… or worse.

It’s why the Patriot Power Generator was recently featured on television…

And why over 107,000 Americans already have it in their homes right now.

Demand is surging…

“It has a battery inside. You can charge it with electricity or – what’s really cool – with a solar panel that comes with it for FREE.”

Click Here To See This Breakthrough Solar Generator In Action!

Customers Are Raving About Their Solar Generator

Joe B. 
“My Patriot Power Generator arrived four days before Ian “the beast” hurricane hit my town. It was a lifesaver. After losing all power, we would have been in absolute darkness with no way to communicate to the outside world. If we needed aid or rescue, it would have been impossible with dead phone batteries. The Patriot Power Generator was everything you said it was and more. I say this with tears in my eyes: I’ll never be without at least one. Great product, people! You should be proud!”

Bob A. 
“Could not be happier! Generator works flawlessly, solar works flawlessly, plus all the other goodies in the package are amazing! Would definitely recommend 4Patriots for all your generator and other survival needs! Just spoke with Sienna at customer service to say how much I love the products! Sienna was very courteous and professional!”

Carla U. 
“The ice storms in February left us without any type of electricity for a solid week. If it wasn’t for the solar generator, my husband wouldn’t have been able to sleep with his CPAP and we would have been in the dark for a week. It was very helpful and very convenient to be able to keep it charging continuously by day in the sun. It’s well worth the money. Get off the fence and order this for the safety and security of your family!”

Bernice L. 
“Don’t wait to add this vital piece of equipment to your preparedness arsenal! We were able to keep our lights on and our electronic equipment charged for 5 days when the power went out last year. As soon as we could, we purchased another generator!”

Patricia T. 
“This is great not just emergencies, but everyday help as well! I needed to repair my shed, but there’s no power out there, and most of my tools are plug-in electric. I was unhappily thinking about running 150ft of extension cords, then remembered my 4Patriots Solar Generator! Worked like a charm. Utterly reliable and easy to use. There’s no good reason to put off getting back-up power! Peace of mind and convenience, too! Love it!”

Angel H. 
“Just went through the winter storm. I absolutely love my generator. It is a life saver! We had three days of no power with below freezing temperatures. We have a 3-year old and a 75-year old to take care of, and their lives depend on my ability to provide. I hooked up TV and DVD players, and had small 250-watt heaters. I put the solar panels in the windows all day while our generator was in use. Even though there was no direct sunlight, the panels helped keep the generator charged. After three days, we still had a small charge on our generator while keeping my family entertained and warm enough not to shiver.”

Sharon P. 
“Having this generator means I’m not stuck. 4Patriots is by far the best place to shop for your critical emergency needs! I have been a customer since 2017! It’s better to be prepared than to start doing that crazy buying that people were doing, for instance, at the start of the pandemic.”

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